Hockey players can wear CSA approved hockey equipment.  If your child currently plays hockey within a league, the only additional equipment they would need to purchase is kidney pads, arm guards and a stick.

  • Lacrosse Stick (Paperweight to Peewee stick length must be 34″ to 46″.  Bantam to Midget stick length is 40″ to 46″)
  • Mouth Guard
  • Shoulder Pads (One piece adjustable pad which offers protection for shoulders and arms)
  • Gloves (Hockey or lacrosse gloves)
  • Elbow Pads and Arm/Slash Guards (When using hockey shoulder pads, elbow pads or arm/slash guards provide additional protection)
  • Helmet and Cage (Helmet and mask must be CSA approved for hockey or NOCSAE approved for lacrosse with chin strap)
  • Athletic Supporter & Cup or Jill Strap
  • Kidney Pads

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