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Feb 16, 2023 | Rampage | 1308 views
Important Information on Player Releases
Please see the information below from the OLA on releases for the 2023 season.  WGML is committed to following the OLA release process.  If you require further information about a player release please contact [email protected].

2022 was our first year back after 2 yrs. of fragmented Return to Activity, Return to Play.  Well established associations were not always able to floor teams in all their divisions.  Players who went to play in the next closest centre because there was no team were not released, they MUST return to their 2020 centre, or if the shut down occurred  prior to them registering in 2020 to their 2019 centre.  


The link below is for the ONLY version of a Release Request that will be accepted in 2023.


There are a few reminders surrounding Release Requests that you need to make sure all the associations in your Zone are fully aware of,

  • Ontario Lacrosse’s philosophy is now, as it has always been, ‘kids play where they live”.
  • Release Requests may only be submitted by current OLA members, meaning they must registered with their resident club  for the 2023 season (MR3.01)
    • Should a club receive a request from a player/family who has not registered they need to advise them to registered, that is all
  • The form they submit MUST be this version
    • Should a club receive a request from a player/family who has not used this form pls supply them the link and request they resubmit


  • Only fully completed forms will be processed
    • Should your club receive a partially completed form please advise the applicant to complete fully.
  • Only the information included on the form will be considered during the hearing, or any subsequent appeals.
  • In Minor lacrosse there is no such thing as “trying out” for any centre other than your own centre.
  • Please make sure that your associations comply with the timelines involved in acknowledging a Release Request, and do so by email (72hrs from time of receipt -trackable)
  • Hearings must be held.  To deny (or approve) a Release Request without a hearing, means the association did not follow procedures
  • Hearings must be held within a “reasonable” period of time.  When Club A choses to hearings does not need to be based on when Club B has “try outs”
  • As per this form, written decisions must be forwarded to ALL attendees by the hearing chairperson(within 5 business days -trackable)
  • Associations may decide if hearings are held in person, or based on distance or other concerns by Zoom.  In the case of in person hearings, all attendees are known, the same policy must be in place for Zoom, therefor all cameras must remain on for the entirety of the hearing.
  • Only one release per sector per season may be granted
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